Who We Are

Pre-Select: Helping You Hire the Best!

In 2008 The Pre-Check Company, a premier provider of pre-employment background check services, experienced a reduction in sales due to lack of hiring during the Great Recession.  In an effort to help clients continue to hire amongst an economic crisis, our founder, Robert “Bob” Drusendahl, came up with an idea. Yes, his background screening process prevented companies from making bad hires, but there wasn’t a process to help companies make better hires.

Most recruiting systems at the time were good at compiling “big data” and using it to identify competent applicants but not so great for finding optimal candidates. Why? Because people are not data. Bob saw the need for a system to organize the recruiting process and optimize it to produce better candidates, so he built one. The Pre-Select Company was formed.

Why Our Customers Chose Pre-Select



What We Do

Pre-Select was made for people, human resource people, recruiter people, business people.  Created collaboratively with input from top recruiters, hiring managers, and of course our customers. Our Applicant Tracking System is built to boost efficiency and optimize the way you hire.  Today we have grown to include integrated background checks, pre-employment assessments, and yes, even onboarding all within one system. Gone are the days of getting charged per feature or being cornered into purchasing additional software. Pre-Select will help you hire from beginning to end, with no added software needed and certainly no extra fees.

Not an IT wiz? Don’t worry about it!  We can take care of all the technical stuff like system support, upgrades, and security so you can focus on what matters, your company and your people.

Company Culture

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Pre-Select is grounded in hard work and innovation, much like the city itself.

We believe the value in our company lies in its ability to help our customers hire the best people. Our bright, hardworking, and friendly team is always available to provide customer support to you and your applicants. We build relationships with you as the customer, know your individual needs and ensure you get the most out of our system in order to reach success. Helping you hire the best; it’s what we love to do.

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