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2018 Resume and Job Search Trends

By Sandra Shinn
October 16, 2017 Category • General

Remember just a few short years ago around 2012 when job seekers made a mass effort to shorten and clean up their resumes? That was because of this fun little stat that shook them up: On average, recruiters and hiring managers spend only 6 short seconds reviewing a candidates resume. Naturally, job seekers began to change the formatting of their resumes to stand out from the start. That was in 2012. Now were getting ready to dive into 2018, where employment will continue to rise (see our last blog here). What can job seekers expect to change in regards to their resumes and job searches? Weve outlined a few of the big factors well see: Professionalism Say goodbye to typos! Job seekers must be sure to spell check and proof their resume 3 times over. 58% of employers identified typos as a major problem on resumes, followed by 35% stating that generic resume content was also an issue. To make a resume stand out, it must be perfect. Do more than just scan it with software. Job

Pre-Verify is Here!

By Sandra Shinn
October 06, 2017 Category • General

According to a Lexis database search, lawyers and pro se plaintiffs filed 4,080 Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) cases between August 2016 and August 2017. These can be extremely costly for employers to defend, in part because the FCRA permits statutory damages and attorneys fees, even when there has been no real injury to anyone. As these lawsuits proliferate, The Pre-Check Company, a Cleveland-based Human Resource consultancy, is testing an innovative solution to protect employers. To read the entire press release, please click here.

Hiring Remains Consistent in U.S. Heading Into Year’s End

By Sandra Shinn
September 26, 2017 Category • General

It might be a hard to believe, but were already in the 4th quarter of 2017! Hiring outlooks in the U.S. continue to remain positive and are expected to pick up throughout Q4. In fact, one in five employers plans to add to their staff between now and December, with the net employment outlook for Q4 at +17 percent, according to a survey released by Manpower Group. Across all U.S. regions and sectors, everyone is expecting continued growth. 2017s Q4 is the 13th consecutive quarter to expect at least a strong +15 percent increase in net employment. Even with an uncertain political climate, there is little effect on employer confidence. More than 11,500 U.S. employers were surveyed by Manpower Group. Of those, only six percent expect to reduce their workforce while 71 percent plan to at least maintain their current headcount. Sectors Each sector of the 13 national sectors are projected to grow in Q4: Leisure hospitality (+28 percent), professional business services (+22 percent),

What are Recruiters' Favorite Job Interview Questions?

By Sandra Shinn
September 13, 2017 Category • General

Whether youre gearing up for your very first interview, or if you are a seasoned interviewee It is important to be as prepared as possible for your interview. It doesnt matter much if its a phone interview versus the face-to-face, because recruiters and hiring managers love to pull out their favorite questions to ask any candidate as their arsenal. And dont take this personally; Instead, you should get prepared! Below we are sharing some of the most commonly asked job interview questions with you. But were not just leaving you high and dry to determine how you should best answer these Were also sharing tips and tricks to answering them! Lets take a look: Tell me about yourself. Heres your chance to give your prospective employer your best 30 60 second elevator pitch about yourself to give them an idea of who you are. Be sure to include both professional and personal aspects. Where do you excel in the workforce? What do you like to do in your free time? Why should we hire

Smart Hire: It's Like Magic

By Sandra Shinn
August 31, 2017 Category • General

We understand what its like being a small business owner and handling every single aspect either by yourself or with a close-knit team behind you. We know this can be daunting at times, especially when your time is spread thin between several operational tasks each day. You may even find yourself struggling to devote enough time to any one task, like needing to find a new hire and fast. Its always difficult when an individual leaves your small businesss team. Why? Its likely that they played a vital role in your day to day operations; Now your team is working double time to make sure all the work gets done, and youre staying late to read through hundreds of resumes trying to decide who might be a good fit, who to interview (and when with all the time you dont have?!), and who is just wasting your time because they are unqualified. Does this situation sound familiar? Chances are you have been there before and exhausted all of your time, effort, and extra expenses just trying to

Hiring the Best Copier Sales Staff: A SmartHire Success

By Sandra Shinn
August 17, 2017 Category • General

It is no secret that it takes an exceptional talent to exceed the competition to become successful at selling copiers! But often the trouble is where do you find the right salespeople who consistently bring your office new orders, and how do you build a competent, persistent copier sales force? If youre feeling frustrated due to previous bad hires or feeling pressured to find new qualified hires, youre not alone. And its so easy to become overwhelmed with too many emails and resumes being sent your way (not to mention keeping track of them all whos been phone screened, whos had their interview scheduled, whos been rejected, etc.). At Smart Hire, we see this all the time, and thats why we step in to offer you quality, affordable solutions. We have been particularly successful in helping copier salespeople; Take a look at what Dale Highsmith, a ComDoc Branch Manager, has to say about his Smart Hire experience: I decided to try Pre-Select Smart Hire in the search for a few Sales

Do You Suffer from Recruitment Grief?

By Sandra Shinn
August 15, 2017 Category • General

Weve all been there before. Youve been working on your quest to find the perfect Bookkeeper, and the search for the perfect hire has been dragging on and on and on. After scouring the job boards and social media networks for potential candidates day after day, youve ended up with a lot of interviews and a few flunky candidates, but still no solid hire. At this point, youre probably suffering from something we like to call recruitment grief, and you might even be going through your own versions of the Kubler-Ross stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance; All to cope with the cost spent trying to find the perfect hire, our time and energy wasted that could have been spent doing something more productive, and just the flat-out stress that hiring and recruiting can often induce. Denial: Of all people, why does this have to happen to ME?! There is just NO way this is happening! You couldnt have possibly spent so much effort for nothing! Oh yes, there

Make the Smart Hire

By Sandra Shinn
June 08, 2017 Category • General

Make the Smart Hire For small businesses, finding good, quality help seems to be an ongoing challenge. One reason for this is because for many entrepreneurs, there just arent enough hours in the day to properly screen candidates. Pre-Checks Smart Hire system, however, can help add back the time small businesses need to make smart hiring decisions.Learn more abouthow Smart Hire makes recruiting easy by clicking here.

All About Pre-Select With Ben Heacox

By Sandra Shinn
May 24, 2017 Category • General

We have already told you that Pre-Select is your one-stop shop when it comes to recruitment and the hiring process; Pre-Select is an affordable, cloud-based hiring software that allows you to organize, track, and review applicants. You can even view hiring data reports and complete onboarding right from Pre-Select! But today, we want to get a little more personal with Pre-Select and learn some behind-the-scenes information. Who are the individuals behind the platform? Why do they personally recommend Pre-Select? What are their short-term and long-term goals for the software? We dove a little deeper and interviewed one of the faces operating Pre-Select on a daily basis, Ben Heacox. Below are the questions we asked Ben, and his responses: What is your official title? Client Support and Talent Acquisition Leader What are your main responsibilities and duties under your title? I am responsible for managing software support services related to Pre-Selects signature Applicant

Strongest Hiring Forecast Projected by Employers in 10 Years

By Sandra Shinn
May 10, 2017 Category • General

2017 will bring much for full-time employment to business across the United States. 40% of employers project that they will hire full-time employees this year, which has increased from 36% at the start of 2016. This statistic along with several others gathered from a national survey conducted Harris Poll have provided the strongest hiring forecast in the past 10 years. Several of the other statistics include: Out of 2,391 hiring managers and Human Resource professionals, 30% plan to hire part-time employees (compared to 26% last year) o 50% expect to add temps and contractors (compared to 47% last year) Only 8% of employers anticipate a decline in staffing this year a 2% decrease from 2016 and 44% expect no change at all 3 out of 4 employers report being in a better financial position in 2017, encouraging them to add to their payroll The recent change in Presidency has also had an impact on businesses and hiring; 23% of employers project in an increase in hiring and jobs

Human Resources Digital Solutions: Pre-Select

By Sandra Shinn
February 03, 2017 Category • General

As you know from Pre-Selects prior blog posts, technology is continuously expanding and providing a larger market for consumer-driven digital resources. As business owners and Human Resources professionals, it is important to be educated on the latest solutions, different technology trends, and strategies available that will help you grow professionally and successfully. Effective Engagement Platform Solutions The convenience of the digital world is a need that many consumers cannot go without. They desire a personalized, streamlined and device-independent experience. Out of the estimated 2,000 technology solution providers, you should choose a solution that provides the easiest, most convenient experience possible. All transactions should be seamless and the exchange process should be intuitive. For Human Resources professionals, effective engagement platforms can provide many advantages to meeting these consumer desires. What are the criteria when looking for a solution? A

Maintaining Compliance through Change: Federal Employment Laws

By PreSelect
October 31, 2016 Category • , Hiring Trends, General, Recruiting Tools, Compliance

As your business grows each year, new laws are introduced and active laws are amended. With the constant changes and evolution of federal employment laws, it can be hard to keep up with all them and remain compliant. Pre-Select created the following compliance guide covering what you might have missed so far in 2016 and whats coming up. New Laws: Minimum Wage Increase for Federal Contractors: Effective January 1, 2016, the minimum wage for federal contractors increased from $10.10/hour to $10.15/hour. According to the National Law Review, the increase applies to: (1) procurement contracts for services covered under the Service Contract Act, (2) procurement contracts for construction covered under the Davis Bacon Act, (3) concession contracts, and (4) contracts entered into in connection with federal property or lands that are related to the offering services for federal employees, their dependents, or the general public (The National Law Review). Non-Retaliation for Disclosure of

Recruiting on Social Media: The Networks, the Trends, the Laws

By Sandra Shin
September 30, 2016 Category • General

As an employer or hiring manager, you more than likely use several different platforms to find your ideal candidates when filling a position. Perhaps you post an opening on job boards like Indeed or Monster. Maybe youre still posting ads in the daily newspapers. Or you might just be using your own personal sphere of influence to gain referral applicants through word of mouth and recommendation. But what about social media Are you using it effectively and legally to recruit fresh talent? If you are, are you keeping up with the ever-changing trends and laws? If youre not, well give you reasons why you should. Networks While there are hundreds of social media networks online, there are only a few that are really, REALLY worth your while to find job candidates. Take a look at the largest and the best below. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is such a great social media network for employers and recruiters to seek out active and passive candidates because it is used almost exclusively for professional

Seven Must-See Booths at The 2016 Ohio HR Conference

By Sandra Shinn
September 12, 2016 Category • General

Seven Must-See Booths at The 2016 Ohio HR Conference In just a few weeks, Kalahari Resort will be hosting Play like an HR Champion - the 2016 Ohio HR Conference! The conference will feature talented speakers like Lou Holtz, Kevin Ames and Jim Tressel, with many exhibitors and sponsors to visit. Weve put together a list of seven must-see booths at this years OHSHRM! Dave and Busters Who doesnt love playing games, winning tickets, and collecting prizes atDave Busters? Its a great place to take the family or to grab dinner with some friends. But did you know Dave Busters also provides team building activities and challenges for company outings? Stop by their booth and learn more about creating your own team building fun! Margaret Wong Associates Margaret Wongis a highly respected and local Immigration Attorney. They provide high quality, efficient, prompt services to both corporate and individuals clients throughout the nation, like the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

Video: Pre-Select Applicant Tracking System Helps You Hire the Best

By Sandra Shinn
August 01, 2016 Category • Company News, Recruiting Tools, Product Insights

Your business is booming - thats great! But the hiring process isnt always easy. Keeping up with resumes, interviews, and communication is stressful and takes too much time. Luckily, we have a solution! Pre-Select is an affordable, cloud-based hiring software that allows you to organize, track, and review applicants. You can even view hiring data reports and complete onboarding right from Pre-Select! Are you ready to Hire the Best and try Pre-Select? Click below to start hiring the best today. SCHEDULE A DEMO

Case Study: Virteom

By Pre-Select
July 08, 2016 Category • General, Recruiting Tools, Case Study

Better Hiring with Pre-Select Smart Hire Virteom is a vibrant, fast-growing tech company in Cleveland, Ohio. The Problem Virteoms search for new hires was taking weeks to complete. This took away valuable time that could have been allocated to other company matters. The Solution Using Pre-Select Smart Hire Virteom was able to focus on their business while Pre-Select brought in qualified candidates to consider for hire. The Results In the end, Pre-Select winnowed down dozens of applicants to just a handful of qualified candidates that matched Virteoms needs. Pre-Select saved them weeks worth of work, and the whole hiring process now only takes Virteom a total of 2 3 hours. Virteoms Story As Virteom continues to grow their team, Pre-Select will be there to help. Before Pre-Select, Virteom was vetting candidates on their own. With no central software to store and organize applicants information, the process would become complicated and frustrating. Even keeping track of notes they

The Applicant-Centric Approach to Recruiting

By Sandra Shinn
May 31, 2016 Category • Recruiting Tools

The Shift from Company- to Applicant-Centric Decades ago, before the internet and all of its information existed, companies did not have to try too hard to sell an applicant on working for them. Applicants could not access online reviews, forums, or social media to discover what thousands of people had to say about a particular company. However, when the internet came to full throttle in the 2000s, this rapidly began to change. Now we have companies like Glassdoor that exist to allow previous applicants and employees to share their experiences with a company everything from the application process to the exit interview. For example, lets look at two reviews on the same company; well call it Company X. If we look up Company X on Glassdoor, we would find several reviews about the hiring procedures for a Sales Associate position. One woman claims the application, interview, and overall hiring experience was quick and smooth. Meanwhile, another womans testimony reveals that during the

Great Lakes Brewing Company Increases Hires with Pre-Select

By Pre-Select
May 05, 2016 Category • Recruiting Tools, Hiring Trends, General

The Problem As Great Lakes Brewing Company prepared for massive growth, recruiting through email was no longer an efficient strategy. Unorganized communications between Human Resources and Hiring Managers made reviewing candidates a redundant and time consuming task. The Solution Accelerate Great Lakes Brewing Companys recruiting process and improve communications for faster, smarter hiring decisions. The Results Pre-Select unifies the recruitment process by coordinating communications between Hiring Managers and quickly moving applicants through the hiring process for an overall enhanced candidate experience. Great Lakes Brewing Companys Story When Great Lakes Brewing Company needed to grow its team significantly, Pre-Select helped make quick, collaborative hiring a reality, while enhancing their candidates experience. Before Pre-Select, Great Lakes hiring process was a barrier to their collaborative and people centric company culture. Collecting resumes, giving feedback and

How to Hire Train and Retain Great Servers

By Brian Pritchard and Holly Finch
April 07, 2016 Category • Hiring Trends, Service Industry, Recruiting Tools

The brewpub concept is unique; blending restaurant and bar components into one space creates a welcoming environment for craft beer lovers and casual diners alike. Thats why it is essential to hire servers that can accommodate both types of customers, as well as the ones in-between, to ensure everyones experience is as great as their beer. The role of server is critical to keeping valuable customers, although finding the right candidates can be challenging. Server training and retention programs are also important for maintaining a successful business by protecting the investments made in new employees. Read on to learn what to look for when hiring a server, the components of a successful training program and strategies to increase employee retention. Hiring New Servers Must-have qualities to look for when hiring a server Friendly and Genuine This may seem obvious, but it is still a crucial trait to look for. Servers are the face of any brew business and it is their job to make customer

Five Hiring Mistakes That Cost Your Business

By Brian Pritchard
March 21, 2016 Category • Hiring Trends, Recruiting Mistakes, Millennial

Hiring Mistakes Cost Companies More Than Money Human resources teams who are looking to optimize their hiring strategy to help ensure a stronger candidate pool and more reliable, long-term hirestake note. These common pitfalls can cost your company not just money, but time, stress, employee morale, reputation and much more. Some of these may already be old hat for your HR staff, but it is highly worthwhile to take a closer look at where you could be more thorough. Here are the top five hiring mistakes that can cost your business, big time. 1. No Recruitment Strategy More Time Recruiting: If you arent using a specific strategy, you will spend more time recruiting than you need to. And wasted time means wasted money, both of which could be better allocated to other things, such as onboarding and training new employees. Lack of Consistency: A good recruiting strategy is always rooted in consistency, consistency in how you qualify each candidate and consistency in your hiring process.

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